Sifu Hildreth, I just wanted to let you know how much my students enjoyed the 2015 Windy City Chinese Martial Arts Championships and we look forward to next years event.

Anthony Marquez

EKF Martial ArtsT


Hi Sifu Ray,
Thanks so much for your kind words.  I forwarded your message to Boon Toe and his family was so touched that you took the time to write.  They knew how busy you during the tournament and remarked how thoughtful you were to have noticed Boon.  And, then to take the time to write!  You made quite an impression!  
The tournament was again well organized and I think everyone felt you provided an excellent experience.  For myself, I enjoyed networking with some of the folks from other schools.  It was truly a pleasure attending the competition again! Looking forward to next year.
Best regards,

​​7th Annual Windy City Chinese Martial Arts Championships

September 16, 2017 

Pheasant Run Resort, 4051 East Main Street, St Charles, Illinois.

(new Kids, Juniors, & Teens age categories)

Thanks for yet another cris​p, well organized, and professionally run martial arts tournament.    Attending this competition is an annual highlight for many of our students.   The judging, while fostering healthy competition, was objectively fair, with high and low scores being disregarded. The judges were supportive and encouraged good sportsmanship. The venue is comfortable and clean. There were healthy and tasty food choices available onsite throughout.  Our parents liked the friendly and professional tone of your tournament. Your careful planning and flawless execution are deeply appreciated.  
Thanks for all your hard work!
Kaifei Song
Soaring Eagle Kung Fu

Need more information, contact Sifu Ray Hildreth at 918-664-8202 or e-mail

Dear Masters, Athletes, Parents & Friends

Welcome to the official website of the "Windy City" Chinese Martial Arts Championships. The 2016 Windy City Championships was a huge success. We are already receiving inquiries about next years' event, so, please, save the date, September 9, 2017 for the 7th Annual Windy City Chinese Martial Arts Championships at the Pheasant Run Resort in beautiful St Charles,Illinois. Check back often to this website for updates on the 2017 Windy City Chinese Martial Arts Championships.

Sifu Ray Hildreth

Sifu Ray, let me know if you need pictures or videos from the competition for the website, I can have the parent send you some. I was at the school yesterday and everyone had great things to say about the competition.
Alma Gollins

Illinois Shaolin Kung Fu

Sifu Ray,
This is just a quick follow up note of thanks for the advice below and also thanks for organizing the Windy City event.  I had a great time at the event - expect to see me there as a regular for years to come!
The environment was very comfortable and encouraging - a perfect venue for a first time competitor, and I've specifically mentioned that to other students who may possibly be open to the idea of trying competition in the future.
Lastly, it was also - obviously - a great networking event.  In addition to pleasant conversations with students from other schools, I traded contact info with Sifo Niko and just registered for his March seminar.
So, much appreciation from me for the organizing effort, and high marks for good results!
Xie Xie!

Reviews & Comments  For The Windy City Chinese Martial Arts Championships

Hello sifu Ray, my students enjoyed your event. I was out of town or I would have helped judge. The academy of Chinese martial arts  had
3   liu he ba fa students competing and placed.

Sifu Karl Knoble

Windy City Chinese Martial Arts Championships

Saturday September 16, 2017 at the Pheasant Run Resort in St Charles,IL

Chicagoland's Biggest Chinese Martial Arts Event Of The Year